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What Have we been up to?

The Green Advisor Partnership has been hard at work to make progress on the project’s innovative results and outputs, and is pleased to announce that the project’s first output, the Green Advisor Environmental quality assurance framework on European project management, is now available in all 6 project languages to better understand the environmental impact of European projects and how to improve these impacts to work towards a greener future.

As well as finalising the project’s quality assurance framework, the partnership came together in the beautiful city of Cori to discuss the project’s next steps, including defining the key steps in developing the Green Advisor Carbon Footprint Calculator and Self-Evaluation tool, designed to revolutionise green accountability in European Projects!

What’s next?

The project partners made the most of the Transnational Partner Meeting in Cori to define the next steps of the project, declaring and identifying the key areas and indicators for our Self-Assessment tool and Carbon Footrpint Calculator, in advance of the project’s training event in Iceland. 

If you’re interested in keeping up with Green Advisor and hearing all about our progress, make sure to check out the project’s Facebook page and website!

Thanks for your attention, stay tuned for more!

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